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What is Botox? Your Anti-Aging Questions Answered

Have you ever wondered why your dermatologist would recommend Botoxa toxin?

There are quite a few people out there who swear that Botox should be at the top of everyones anti-aging skin regimen. But what is Botox? And really, what does Botox do?

What Is Botox? 4 Facts You Need to Know About Botox

There are a lot of people who think the only reason to go to their Montana dermatologist is to find the best acne treatment for adults. While your dermatologist can identify the causes of adult acne and help you find the best adult acne treatment, thats not all they can do.

1. What Is Botox Made Of?

Botox is also called botulinum toxin. It is a bacterium that causes botulism, a very serious (and sometimes deadly) condition. Botox is given in such small amounts that it is considered safe by most medical and dermatological practitioners.

2. What Does Botox Do?

When Botox is injected, it acts as a muscle relaxant. Patientsfacial muscles arent able to frown or make other expressions that contribute to deep lines and wrinkles. According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, Botox can have a long-term effect on a persons anti-aging efforts. This is because new studies show that Botox can improve collagen, as well as the overall quality of a persons skin.

3. Only a Specialist Should Administer Botox

While most people consider Botox safe, it should still be administered by a licensed practitioner. Even though it is applied mainly for cosmetic reasons, it is still considered a medical procedureand for good reasonthose who have received injections from someone unqualified have suffered adverse side-effects.

4. Botox Can Act as an Adult Acne Treatment

Have you ever wondered about how to get rid of adult acne? Youre not alone. Up to fifty million people in the U.S. suffer from some form of acne each year.

Botox developers have taken this into account and recommend trying Botox for the treatment of adult acne. The main reason this has helped some people is because it can help regulate perspiration. Excess perspiration can clog pores and lead to acne.

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