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Why Botox is Here to Stay

Botox has been around for a while now, so most people are aware of what it does. But Botox is more than an anti-wrinkle treatment: it offers many benefits from acne treatment to stalling the aging process.

Many are unaware of the many benefits of Botox, and are thus afraid of this helpful treatment. When Botox is administered by a trained professional, the results are nothing short of beautiful.

What Does Botox Do? How It Helps Your Skin Stay Young

What does Botox do and why is it so popular? This is a question many people still ask, despite the fact that Botox has been around for a decade and a half.

Botox is a bacterium that causes a paralysis of the muscles. This means it’s difficult to frown or make the facial muscles do anything that would cause lines and wrinkles.

The Top Three Reasons Why Botox is Here to Stay

In 2014, The Guardian asked whether Botox was on its way out. Obviously, time has proven this concern to be a false one – Botox is still here and better than ever. And here are four reasons why it’s here to stay.

1. Look 39 for 20 More Years

According to a New York Post interview with Marian Salzman, a social media expert, people love that Botox can make them look young longer. This is not to say that a 40-year-old will look 20. However, it does mean that a person can freeze time and prevent their skin from aging faster.

2. It’s a Low-Risk Procedure

With 15 successful years under its belt, Botox has proven itself to be a low-risk anti-aging treatment.

3. Botox is Exceptionally Helpful as an Acne Treatment

According to MedicalDaily.com, Botox can make the pores smaller and lower the amount of oil produced by the skin. Because of the reduction of sebum, bacteria have nothing to feed on. The result is a major reduction in acne breakouts. In fact, according to some people, Botox could be considered the best acne treatment for adults.

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If you would like to know more about Botox or our other skin therapy treatments, please give us a call. We can schedule a consultation to answer all of your questions and evaluate your skin’s unique needs.