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How A Dermatology Clinic Can Help Patients Combat The Signs Of Age

The first signs of age can be disheartening. Not many people welcome wrinkles around the eyes, lines around the mouth, and a sagging jawline, even though these are all natural effects of aging skin. Fortunately, it’s possible to age more gracefully with a little help from a dermatologist. In addition to many other medical and cosmetic treatments, a dermatologist can help any patient who wants to have younger-looking skin.

What Causes Wrinkles

As people age, the skin begins to change. It loses moisture and elasticity, making it looser and more susceptible to damage. Wrinkles are caused by many things, and the first wrinkles people see are usually due to facial expressions, like smiling and frowning, that create fine lines between the eyes, at the corners of the eyes, and around the mouth. When facial muscles contract, grooves form under the skin. While younger, more elastic skin can recover its shape easily, but older skin begins to develop permanent creases. Other factors that cause wrinkles can include smoking, which narrows the blood vessels and reduces the supply of oxygen to the skin, and exposure to ultraviolet radiation, which breaks down the skin’s connective tissues. Most people are exposed to UV light from being in the sun without sunblock or from using a tanning bed.

How Wrinkles Are Treated

At a dermatology clinic, patients can find an array of treatments for aging skin. Many of these work by getting rid of the outer layer skin cells and allowing new skin to grow. Some examples of this type of treatment include prescription retinoid creams, microdermabrasion, laser treatments, and chemical peels. Cryotherapy, which involves freezing the surface of the skin, can tighten blood vessels and stimulate the production of collagen, which gives the skin elasticity. Two of the most popular treatments are given through injection. One involves injecting a toxin into the facial muscles to relax them, thus smoothing the skin above. The other involves filling in the creases of wrinkles to make the skin look fuller and smoother.

How Botox Works

To understand how it works, it’s important to ask what is botox? The substance is derived from a type of bacteria, Clostridium botulinum, and it is a neurotoxin that paralyzes muscle tissue by blocking the chemical that stimulates muscle contractions. When injected into a facial muscle in very small doses, the muscle relaxes, the skin becomes smooth, and wrinkles disappear. This treatment is most often used in the corners of the eyes, between the eyes, and on the forehead.

How Other Injectible Treatments Work

There are several types of cosmetic fillers available, and one of these is hyaluronic acid. The substance is naturally produced by the body, so it is considered very safe to inject. Not only does it fill in wrinkles, but repeated injections may also stimulate the skin to produce more collagen. Synthetic collagen is another popular filler substance, and patients report that it produces a natural appearance. Autologous injections are made from the patient’s own fat or plasma and tend to last the longest.

It’s a good idea to research a dermatology clinic thoroughly before making an appointment. Patients can get good results from any of these procedures as long as they are performed by a qualified and experienced doctor.